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FREE Essential Toolkit for Going Pro With Your Tutoring Business

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how to start online teaching

Create and launch a
profitable tutoring business without the overwhelm.

I teach women to take their passion for educating into the online space, replace their full time income, work from anywhere, and align their professional work with their life dreams.


My Essential Toolkit for Going
Pro with Your Tutoring Business

start online teaching business

Are you ready to decide if launching and growing a tutoring business is for you?

This resource is full of tools to help you make foundational business decisions, ways to uplevel your online image, and checklists to help you stay organized as you seamlessly onboard your new students.

Download for inspiration

Enjoy your download!

It’s time for you to run the business of your dreams!

Get the tools you need to be a confident business owner with financial freedom and flexible time.

Feel confident every time you login to your tutoring sessions.

Make money on your time and schedule.

Overcome the roadblocks to success with 1-1 support.

Learn how to start a tutoring business online

tutor people online
how to get tutoring clients


Turn Your Passion for Educating
into a Successful Tutor Business


Knowing you want to teach, but not knowing how to get your first online client.


Knowing exactly who your ideal client is and knowing how to reach them.

Not knowing what to charge per hour to be able to hit your salary goals.

Providing value based tutoring services that go above and beyond your clients’ expectations and put your income on autopilot.

Already feeling overwhelmed by time constraints whether you have a full time job or a family

Scheduling and booking clients on YOUR terms and your schedule.

hey there!

I'm Alexa,

Your business partner and tutoring coach. I have been tutoring online for four years and know the challenges of identifying my ideal student, having systems in place, and determining and feeling confident in my pricing. I am here to help fast track you through all of the mistakes that I made. I will be your guide as you realign your life, find your true passion, and support you as your business grows and you create the life you’ve been dreaming of. 

Read more.

how to get tutoring clients
how to get clients for tutoring business

what my client's are saying 

"I highly recommend Alexa as a coach for anyone with a tutoring business! Alexa helped me to look at the big picture of where I wanted my business to go and set manageable goals on how to get there."

Working with Alexa has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my business journey.

- Meghan C.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Alexa! I have seen massive shifts in my confidence and mindset.

- Natalie C.

Alexa was a cheerleader from the beginning who not only taught me what to have in place but made it all possible and not overwhelming which was amazing as someone teaching full time.

- Jess D.

Girl with Bookshelves

Are you ready?

It's time to overcome  the overwhelm.

Do you feel burnt out from teaching and need a fresh start? Are you unsure what the first step is to launch your online tutoring business?  Do you question how much people will pay you if you've never
taught online?

I am here to help fast track you through all your questions. I will be your guide as you realign your life, find your true passion, and support you as your business grows and you create the life you’ve been dreaming of. Are you ready?

Home schooling


Here's What You'll Learn


Learn how to make your business run on autopilot by putting the right systems in place at the right time.


Discover who your ideal client is, create flexible schedules, set rates that you feel good about and establish systems for getting paid what
you are worth.



Discover your unique gifts, overcome imposter syndrome and mindset roadblocks and gain the confidence to step into the online teaching space.



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