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Frequently Ask Questions

  • Do I need to have taught before to join your program?
    Yes. Having some kind of teaching experience either in the classroom or outside of the classroom is necessary to join the program. This program won’t teach you how to teach students. However, we will dive into how to maximize your time when planning for each of your students, what to include in your lessons depending on student needs, and what resources to use when teaching online to get your students best results.
  • Do I need a teaching degree?
    No. To become a tutor, it is not necessary for you to have a teaching degree. However, prior teaching experience and other educational related certifications can help you stand out from other tutors and it allows you to charge higher rates for your expertise.
  • I’ve never worked 1-1 with students. Do I need experience working with students individually?
    You do not need to have experience working 1-1 with students in order to start and launch your tutoring business. During our work together, you will learn how to identify and select your niche so you are confident working with students and helping them get the results they desire. You will also be taught how to identify your “Secret Sauce” so that you know exactly the types of students you are best at serving and how you stand out from the other tutors in your field.
  • I don’t have any students yet. Will you teach me how to get them?
    Absolutely! An entire section of the program is dedicated to how to market your tutoring business and what strategies work when launching and growing your business. My goal is to help you build the tutoring business of your dreams. While it will take time and effort to implement the strategies we discuss, I will be there cheering you on and helping you every step of the way.
  • How much can I make teaching online?
    The best thing about owning and running your own business is that you can make as much as you desire. The key is to implement the right strategies and build a solid foundation in your business that will allow you to set yourself up for long term success. In my program, I will teach you how to strategically set your tutoring rates so you can make the income you desire, keep more money, and have clients paying your rates without hesitation. I have helped tutors go from earning $1K per month to earning $5k per month with the techniques I teach in my program. Let me help you do the same!
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